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    Guest access and membership

    As a guest, you can explore the site, but the viewable contents are limited.  If you would like to have a full access to the site and exercises, please sign up and subscribe for your child/student's membership.

    By selecting a membership type for your child and making the payment, he or she can gain access to the site, classes in our centres in person, and real-time video classes (virtual classroom) accordingly.

    Devices to access Abacus Learning Lab

    Students can use any internet-enabled devices to access Abacus Learning Lab.

    These devices include PCs, Macs, android tablets, ipads, and large screen smart phones.

    Abacuses used

    Students can use three types of abacuses to do exercises on the website:

    1. Soroban/Suanpan abacus
        These are the ones with 1-heaven bead and 4-earth beads per digit column.

        Website-only students are not obliged but are highly recommended to purchase their own abacuses if they do not have one yet.
        You can source it from different places.  If you prefer, abacuses are sold through Abacus Learning Lab here.

    2. On-screen abacus
        Even though actual soroban abacuses provide more tactile feedback to learners, students can also use on-screen abacus to learn abacus concepts and operations, and do exercises.


    When students log in to the site, they will see the dashboard where they can quickly access the different categories of courses with tutorials and exercises.

    Students can also access information on their own progress and gained badges in the dashboard.

    Categories and Courses

    Abacus Learning Lab (website) consists of different categories of courses with tutorials and exercises.

    New courses, tutorials, and exercises will continue to be added to the site.

    Exercise module

    With the exercise module, students can work on different abacus and maths problems, using the varioius tools such as on-screen abacus, numerical keypad, drawing tool, etc.


    Exercise Review

    Immediately after their exercises, students can review their results and see their progress by comparing their latest results with their previous ones against score and time.



    Online badges are awarded when students successfully pass courses, levels, and other criteria.


    Abacus Learning Lab will be constantly updated and enriched with more contents and new features to support students learning journeys.
    Any requests for new features and improvements from students and parents are highly welcome and appreciated.


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