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    What is Abacus Learning Lab?

    Abacus Learning Lab is an online platform that allows children to learn and practise the abacus and maths in a structured way. Each child can work through the levels at their own pace, with instant feedback given to progress their learning.


    The soroban abacus is a Japanese calculating tool used by millions of children around the world. It is an ideal visual and kinaesthetic method of helping children progress in maths and other subjects by developing their concentration, reasoning and visualisation skills. 

    By combining use of the actual or on-screen abacus with a tablet or computer, children can practise their maths in the classroom and at home. They can access Abacus Learning Lab at any time and parents can track their progress beyond the classroom. 

    As a guest, you can explore the site, but the viewable contents are limited.  If you would like to have a full access to the site and exercises, please sign up and subscribe for your membership.


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